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Proposing Your Project

Proposing Your Project published on

This is the post for the week of July 17, 2017.

This week, you will write your Short Report Proposal, which explains what you want to focus and how you will conduct your research and writing for your Genre Analysis Report. All of the remaining major projects in the course are connected. Here’s how:

The take-away message is that you have to decide on your plan for both the proposal and the genre analysis report this week.

Logistics Note for This Week

I leave Tuesday for the Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference in Knoxville. I will drive back on Sunday. I will have internet access and check in often (except while driving, of course), but there may be minor delays in my responses to your questions and in my daily posts on the course website.

Readings for This Week

Tasks for This Week

  1. By 11:59 PM on Monday, July 17, submit your Analysis of Writing Project in Canvas. The grace period ends at 11:59 PM on Thursday, July 20.
  2. Review the assignments for the Short Report Proposal and Genre Analysis Report. The Examples, Cases & Models: Proposal provides some models you can use as you works. Post any questions you have about the assignments in #general on Slack.
  3. Share a draft of your Short Report Proposal  in the Feedback on Short Proposals on Canvas by 11:59 PM on Friday, July 21.
    • In your message, ask your group to look at anything you are trying to improve. Let them know the kind of advice you need.
    • By noon on Monday, July 24, provide feedback to your group members, using the strategies in the Peer Review Commenting Strategies video.
    • Your Analysis of Writing project is due Monday, July 24 at 11:59PM. The grace period ends at 11:59PM on Thursday, July 27.
  4. By 11:59PM on Friday, July 21, write your 07/21 Labor Log in Canvas. Specific questions for your log are included in Canvas. The grace period for your log entry ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, July 24.


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